What is Chewelry?

Chewelry is chewable jewelry.

Who is it for?

Chewable jewelry is for the whole ‘Ohana! Stylish silicone accessories for teething babies, nursing mamas, daycare daddies, and fidgety kids. It does not have a taste. Chewelry is simply chewable jewelry made from safe, non-toxic, food grade silicone for mom/dad/nanny/grandma/grandpa/etc. to wear while carrying their baby.  It allows your teething baby to chew on your accessories safely and keeps them out of your hair. 

Ohana Chewelry Box is not just for babies! We cater to older keiki as well.  Kids that fidget or have oral stimulating needs like biting nails or sucking thumbs need a safer and cleaner outlet.  There's no need to discourage your child to stop. Just point them in the right direction. Chewelry!  It's a safer option and will save your child's teeth, nails, hair, water bottles, shirt collars, etc.