Our Chewelry Box


Ohana Chewelry Box is inspired by my keiki. My 7 year-old son could not sit still in class and was taking it out on pencils and erasers. Meanwhile, our 8 year-old daughter was nibbling on her shirt collars until they were stretched out. At the same time, our late blooming 10 month-old was starting to teethe. This is where my passion for creating chewelry was born. I realized I could help all my children with their sensory and teething needs and at the same time, make it look cute! Today, our "Chewelry Box" is full of teethers and chewy necklaces for my whole 'Ohana to wear. 

Now, I focus on styling out teething babies with the cutest island vibe teethers and I hope to be an advocate for families who have children with sensory needs. 

We hope we can support your 'Ohana and Mahalo for supporting ours!